the art of making aspects of one's self known and empowered, to manifest or reveal the identity.

The ability to form your own identity, to find your truth... outside of the effect of trauma and all things mentally unhealthy is not only a journey of growth in strength and understanding, it is the development of beauty. 

As someone who developed a strong passion for truth and challenging the idea of normalcy at an early age, creation of art was involuntary. I came to recognize the correlation between that which I made, and that which I wanted. I physically manifested the change that I wanted to see.  My identity as an artist is held by hunger to lead people toward, and to translate the truths I have found to be unspoken and or unspeakable. This is why I created Kyley’s Faces. 

Kyley’s Faces is a dedication to advocacy and the supporting of authenticity, self-expression, and truth through professional-style portraiture. 20% of all profits are donated to organizations that provide people with the resources they need to prosper and find truth from circumstances ranging from homelessness and disability, to mental illness and societal stigma, etc. 

Have your photo crafted into one of Kyley’s Faces, and you'll be part of the mission too.